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When is the best time to trim bushes and shrubs

Having healthy green bushes and shrubs add life and beauty to a yard. While overgrown, diseased, or dying plants

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When is the best time to trim a tree?

The question of when to prune trees remains perhaps the most perplexing one out of all the horticultural dilemmas.

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What is pruning? Meaning, importance, methods and process of pruning

It is almost impossible to grow healthy trees without pruning. The importance of pruning to plants health cannot be

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A Beginner’s Guide on Becoming a Professional Arborist

Trees are a staple element of nature. Besides its aesthetic value, they offer hundreds of benefits to the

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Finding Affordable and Cheap Tree Services in Your Area

Trees are better known for their environmental benefits and aesthetic value. They not only bring life and beauty to

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A Thrifty Person’s Guide to Free Tree Removal

While trees bring life, beauty, and environmental benefits to our surroundings, there are some cases when a rotting

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