How to Cut Down Trees on My Property Without Permission

If you have a tree on your property that is overgrown and becoming dangerous, then the best option may be to cut it down. However, cutting down trees can be illegal if you don’t get permission from the government first. In this blog post, we will go over some of the things you need to know about cutting down trees without permission.

The Rights of Light Act 1959

The Rights of Light Act 1959 is a law that protects homeowners from having their homes become shadowed by trees. This means that if you have land with one or more big trees, then the homeowner has rights to sunlight and does not need permission before cutting them down. However, this only applies to large properties so it may not be something for smaller yard owners.

What happens if the tree falls?

If the tree falls and damages a neighbor’s property, then you may be liable for any damage that it causes. This means that if your overgrown trees fall down during a storm and destroy your neighbor’s fence or pool, then they can come after you to receive compensation for those damages.

In conclusion, cutting down large overgrown trees on your own property without permission is not illegal as long as they are rooted in the public ground rather than private land owned by someone else. However, this does not protect against possible issues with neighbors such as damaged fences and cars so keep these things in mind before making any decisions about cutting down trees on your own property.

Permission for planning

Permission is required for cutting down trees. This means that if you would like to cut down a tree on your property, then you will need permission from the government before doing so. If planning permission has not been obtained it may be necessary to apply for an exemption. Planning Permission might also be needed in cases where there are protected species in the area or in conservation areas.

However, a hedge in your garden does not usually require planning permission. This means that cutting down trees in your own garden does not require permission from the government.

Can my neighbor come to my yard?

It is important to note that cutting down trees does not give your neighbor the right to enter or use your property. This means that they cannot just show up and start cutting their own overgrown trees. However, if you are cutting them down yourself then this will also mean more work for you as it can be difficult depending on what type of equipment you have.

Can I hire someone?

You don’t need planning permission but you should ask yourself how much trouble would this cause without causing any disputes with neighbors while getting everything done in time? If so, then hiring somebody who does have experience is probably worth paying the extra money since they will know what needs doing and also do it quickly. There’s nothing worse than having trees that grow out of hand when nobody knows how best to deal with them

Is intentionally harming someone else’s tree a criminal act?

Yes, cutting down a tree on another person’s property is considered an intentional act and can be treated as such if caught. If you are cutting down trees without permission the owner may seek legal action against you for trespassing or damage to their land.

Overhanging branches and tree roots

If you have a tree that overhangs your garden or roots from trees in your neighbor’s yard then cutting this back does not require permission unless the branches are extremely large. If cutting down, cutting up and removing is required then it will always need to be done with permission

When is removing trees allowed?

Trees that are diseased, dead or dangerous can be removed at any time. This means cutting down trees on your own property without permission is not illegal as long as they were already dying and you do it yourself before cutting them up for firewood or cutting them up and removing the branches.

Trees that are overhanging your property or blocking sunlight can also be removed at any time by cutting them back. Cutting down trees on your own property without permission is not illegal as long as they are cutting just the branches and not cutting up the trunks to remove them.

Building regulations

Foundation is affected by tree roots and moist soil. These factors have to be included when it comes to constructing new houses or planting a new tree. Building regulations don’t normally apply to trees or hedgelands.

What is the punishment for cutting trees?

If you are cutting down trees and your neighbors catch you then they may try to take the matter up in court. If this happens, then the punishment for cutting down a tree could be very expensive depending on what type of damage was done. It is always best to cut back branches rather than remove entire trunks when possible.

The government only grants permission to cut down a tree for a valid reason. If your neighbor feels that your trees are damaging their property, they can apply for permission themselves to cut down trees on their property.

How do I apply for a tree removal permit?

The best option for applying for a tree removal permit is to contact your local council. They will be able to tell you whether or not it requires permission and if there are any guidelines you should follow before cutting down trees.

Do I need a permit for tree trimming?

In general no. If you are cutting back branches rather than removing the trunk, then it doesn’t require planning permission. However this can vary depending on your local council and if you are cutting down trees across a road or near power lines.

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